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PHOTO  TITLE  (Click title for details)  PRICE  CITY STATE DATED
 HeartlandWeb Online Classifieds  N/A  Any City Any State Aug 2
 How To Build Muscle Fast...  N/A  Any City Any State Mar 3
 Make $10K Per Month ASAP - Done For You!  N/A  Any City Any State Apr 4
 The Ultimate Social Media Business Marketing Training Course For 2014!  24.95  Any City Any State Jun 12
 Generate Sales for your business  N/A  Any City Any State Jun 26
 100% Commissions Found Here  N/A  Any City Any State Jul 7
 Save Big with Value Ad Book! Local Businesses Offering Big Savings!  N/A  Any City Any State Nov 19
 Adecho  39.95  Any City Any State Jan 10
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